FeatureCam CNC Programming

With the latest revision of featurecam 2014 we are able to offer a comprehensive range of offline featurecam CNC programming services. This includes 3 axis machining up to 5 axis machining for milling but also includes millturn and multitasking machines With using featurecam 2014 we can also utilize the new Vortex strategy which greatly reduces cycle time and also gives you a better cutting tool life. We can import your part models and fixture models into featurecam giving you a complete offliFEATURECAM CNC programmingne featurecam programming service.

When Delcam took over featurecam immediately it became a useful addition. Giving the ability to deal with multi-tasking machines which gives the ability to apply more milling strategies.  When you put that knowledge alongside 15 years working as a machine tool builders application engineer you get the ability not only to know the cam software but also the cnc machine.The real strength in featurecam CNC programming  is the speed you can build a complex cnc program.

Working closely with Delcam themselves we can create a bespoke post processor that is tailored to your cnc machine giving you a cnc program that will give you the best possible performance out of your machine tool.
With knowing the cnc machine and cnc control we are also able to assist you with proving out the cnc program. This gives you the comfort that you are not going to be left on your own but would get full support throughout your entire project from the programming stage in Featurcam through cnc machining up to pass off from your inspection.
FEATURECAM CNC Programming Services
We are also able to help you engineer your parts and assist with fixture design and manufacture. We have contacts throughout the engineering industry including cutting tools and fixturing. This gives us the ability to utilize all of the latest cutting techniques.

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